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Interactive British IPA Chart

Richard specialises in helping students to improve their pronunciation and has created this material to make this as easy as possible. The Interactive IPA Chart makes it simple to learn, remember, and use the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) symbols in the shortest space of time possible. The Practice Pack provides the student with hundreds of questions to make sure that they can remember and use the symbols in the Britlish English IPA chart.

Improve Your British English Accent

For many people, the British Engish accent, the Received Pronunciation or RP accent, also known as the BBC accent, is the most prestigious accent in English. It is seen as the accent of the powerful and influential, and those who speak with a standard British English accent will enjoy greater opportunities in all areas of their lives.

Learn How British English Pronunciation Works

In order to achieve a genuine British English accent, you need to understand exactly how British English pronunciation works. You need to be able to distinguish the forty-four sounds of English as shown on the British English IPA chart.

The first forty-four Pronunciation Activation Packs in this series introduce the forty-four sounds and symbols of the British English IPA chart.

Once you have mastered the forty-four sounds of the British English IPA chart, you then need to go onto understand the fundamentals of pronunciation, such as the rhythm of English, function and content words, stress patterns, and linking features. All of these fundamentals will be covered in this comprehensive British English pronunciation course.

Once we have mastered the forty-four sounds and symbols of the British English IPA chart, and have a good understanding of the fundamentals of British English pronunciation, we will go on to look at the complexities of British English pronunciation, such as intonation.

Most Comprehensive Pronunciation Course Ever

I am a native British English teacher with decades of experience of teaching pronunciation to students in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kazakstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Polska, Qatar, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Viet Nam.

The experience I have gained over many, many years, helping hundreds of students to improve their British English pronunciation, convinced me to distil all of my knowledge into the most comprehensive pronunciation course available anywhere, online or off-line.

Unlike printed books, my Pronunciation Activation Packs allow you to hear me, your teacher, speaking directly to you in a clear standard British English accent. Furthermore, you can also get real-time practice with instant feedback about your successes and failures at every stage of the course.

Most Cost-Effective Way to Improve Your English Pronunciation

While you can buy each of the individual lessons for the price you want to pay, you can get them all, and much, much more, by signing up for a membership at Britlish. For a small monthly fee, you can have unlimited access to all of my English Activation Packs.

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English Activation Packs

Pronunciation Activation Packs.

I have designed these Pronunciation Activation Packs to activate your English pronunciation and listening skills.

Pronunciation Activation Packs are each parts of a complete course in British English pronunciation that will help you to achieve a British English accent.

Rather than me telling you what a Pronunciation Activation Pack contains, explore this free one and find out for yourself.

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Interactive IPA Chart

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